Digital Financial Transformation



We are a company that contributes to digital financial transformation with disruptive innovation, seeking financial inclusion for all.


To contribute nationally and internationally disruptive innovation in massive business models through applied technology in financial ecosystems.


To provide innovative solutions that allow continuous improvement.

Products and Services


The knowledge and accumulated experience allows us to offer a service of advising, where the electronic money, normative/regulation, Ecommerce, electronic invoicing, sale and administration of financial resources are the framework of this service.

Multi-camera/multi-purpose ACH Client

It is a software designed to be implemented in the participants (financial entities) of ACH, who demand the connectivity with the operator of compensation camera, our product is cuztomizable to the necessities of the client that demands it, and with easy integration to any CORE.

EPI (Electronic Payment instrument)

Tesabiz has developed an innovative electronic payment instrument that allows to operate from a financial institution (bank, cooperative, EFV or IFD), or independently as an integrator of financial institutions, its white mark feature allows to be Fully customizable and developed in an API view.

DIGITAL banking

In a world where digital transformation is the highway of money, our digital banking has been developed in the model of simplicity in the user experience, but at the same time with a very powerful engine able to include services for external clients of the entity As well as for the internal customer who performs operational work and needs portability of information and access to the CORE under strict security and policy parameters of each financial institution. Its query and transaction functionality gives you a personality of wanting to use it.

E-billing/computerized online

Following the new regulation of the November 2018 through RND N º 01800000026, TESABIZ has developed an electronic and computerized billing solution capable of withstanding all current regulations, being multicompany which allows GRACO customers, PRICO and small taxpayers use our software, providing advice on the business models applied to this new modality where the paper bill is dematerialized. Our software applies various business models in the financial field contemplating billing models by third parties and branches, all under the shelter of the new regulation of November 2018 through RND N º 01800000026.

Domiciliary Client

The scope of our service has the breadth of providing the technological component, and also the logic or business model for this product to be profitable, we currently have several successful cases implemented. Domiciliation is the authorization of payments or collections from a regulated financial entity account. We have developed a software that can be installed in any financial institution that wants to provide the service for recurring collections such as monthly fees of a school, basic water services, electricity and communication, sales to credits and others. The main feature of this product is that it can be linked to any Digital banking of the financial institution, currently complies with all the regulatory and regulatory requirements of Bolivia, without limiting its customization to regulations in other countries.

  • ACH/QR

    Allows any mobile banking to incorporate a module to perform ACH transactions using a QR that has security and encryption components that make it very safe and facilitate electronic funds transfer orders.


    TESABIZ possesses all the know-how of the operative and necessary technology of clearing chambers without neglecting the norms according to the region that is located, complying with international standards of the industry.

    Electronic money transfers, ACH (automated Clearing House), allows clearing chamber operators to provide interbank checking and money transfer services, as integrators of their Financial institutions participants.

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Carlos Corrales

Team Member

Iván Vargas

Tesabiz is consolidated as a company following the similarity of vision, values and ideals of its founding partners. Carlos Corrales and Iván Vargas. The two partners have the same great expectation of giving the best of their experience and knowledge to translate it in the service to their clients, looking for the quality and good references of those who trust in us.

The success comes by their similar values and a strong collaborative relationship, having different capacities that are based on constant knowledge updating and more than 22 years of experience in successful technological projects and business processes.

Technological innovation without an adequate business model is incomplete"



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